About Us

Founded in 2001, Shawn's Property Management has become one of Regina's leading property management firms.  Licensed by the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission, Shawn and his wife Tanya oversee the management of numerous properties within the Regina Area for several Owners located throughout the World.

When Shawn and Tanya began their career in property management they realized that this was a business they didn't just enjoy, but were passionate about.  Shawn's excellent interpersonal skills and strong work ethic have earned the respect of both owners and tenants.  Tanya's strong organizational, leadership and interpersonal skills assist her in the day to day operations as the broker of their firm.

Shawn has assembled a team of loyal and skilled tradespeople that can respond on a moments notice.  In the event of your property needing to be serviced, the office staff will dispatch the appropriate tradesperson to inspect and repair in a timely fashion.

A successful property manager must satisfy the needs of their clients, both owners and tenants.  Owners must be able to trust that their property manager is operating as cost effectively as possible, while ensuring that their property is well maintained so that it can grow in equity.  Tenants must be able to trust that they have a safe and secure home and that their concerns will be attended to in a timely manner.

Shawn's Property Management believes the cornerstone to success is a strong commitment to service, using knowledge and running their brokerage with honesty and integrity.

Before you invest in a new property or if you are already an owner, let Shawn and his staff's years of expertise guide your investment to a successful experience.